PKMS Library

Nancy Ellis-Library Media Specialist

Dana Welton-Library Assistant

Students are allowed to check out two books at a time for two weeks.  A fine of five cents a day is charged for overdue books.

All students must have their agenda and photo ID to check out a book.



Paradigm Online Writing Assistant-Grammar, Punctuation, etc.

Writers' Workshop-Student & Teacher Resources

Creative Quotations-Over 50,000 quotations

American Memory-Today in History, Teacher Resources, Ask a Librarian, Maps

CIA-Maps, Definitions, Country Profiles, Flags of the World

Discovering Lewis & Clark-The expedition

Country Studies-Country Studies, Country Profiles

Math Forum-Math Help, Problems & Puzzles, Resources

Introduction to Algebra-Variables, Expressions, Equations, Simplifying, Sequences

Ask Dr. Math-Answers to Math Questions

Create A Graph-Bar Graphs, Line Graphs, Area Graphs, Pie Graphs

Practical Money Skills-Money Skills at School, Money Skills at Home, Money Skills at Work

Math Goodies-Lessons, Worksheets, Homework Help

AAA Math-Math Worksheets

Exploratorium-Activities, Climate Change, Ten Cool Sites, Explores all areas of Science

How Volcanoes Work-Educational Resource that describes the science behind volcanoes and volcanic processes

Electric Heart-Map of Human Heart, Amazing Heart Facts, The Artificial Human, Operation Heart Transplant

Exploring Planets in Classroom-Introduction to Solar System, Planetary Properties, Volcanology, Impact Craters, Dynamic Earth, Gradation, Gravity Forces & Rockets, The Moon, Remote Sensing, Mars

Essentials of Music-Eras, Composers, Glossary

Bureau of Labor Statistics-U.S. Department of Labor, Inflation, Wages, Earnings & Benefits, Occupations, Employment & Unemployment

The Princeton Review-Colleges & Careers, SAT/ACT Information, Tutoring

Homework Spot-Current Events, Reference, Themes, Field Trips, Taking Notes Tips, All Curriculum Areas

Kids Connect-Journals, Education, Conferences, Tools

Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators-Puzzlemaker, Clip Art, Brain Boosters, Learning Adventures, Curriculum Center

Blue Web'n-Lessons, Webquests, Library of over 2000 outstanding Internet Sites categorized by subject and grade level







Accelerated Reader Quizzes

Internet Public Library

Reference Material

Kid Space

Teen Space




Books Online


Earth Calendar


Important Dates


Johnston Research

Rouse Research

Manlove Research

Hall-Dust Bowl



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