Welcome to the new school year as we begin the study of geography.   We have one marvelous world of which we are just a small part.   Because of the current economic conditions and the explosion of technology, we must begin to see ourselves as a citizen of the whole world, not just our community, state, or country.   No nation can continue to survive on its own.  We must buy and trade with others to maintain our way of life.   Even small-town businesses in Poteau have interaction with other nations in the selling and trading of goods and services.   We have truly become a "global village".

In our geography class, we will do many activities--maps, vocabulary studies, learning activities, quizzes, and tests.   Each activity will be worth 100 points with 90% and above=A, 80% and above=B, 70% and above=C, and 60% and above=D.   The 9-weeks test will be worth 2 test grades (or 200 points).   A student who has an excused absence will have 3 days to present any work missed.   After this time, the assignments will be accessed a "late fee" of 10 points a day.   I believe that responsibilities needed for success in life begin even in middle school.

Class rules include being on time; being prepared with book, paper, and pencil everyday; being polite (never talking when someone else is, never "downing" a person for his/her ideas/attitudes, etc.); and also being a participant in the learning process.   

Students choosing to break the class rules will be given a vocal reprimand/warning, then, a writing assignment,; and finally, a detention time in my room.   If they continue to disrupt, they will be sent to Mr. Brence.   However, if there is behavior severe enough, some steps will be skipped and they will be removed from the classroom to the office.   No one person has the right to disrupt the learning experience or to endanger another person.

I hope we begin and end the school year with positive thoughts and expectancies.  I believe that learning is a life-long activity and I hope to pass this joy to my students.

Let's have a great year!

Babs Clark