Welcome to our class.   At PKMS this elective will provide you with a valuable tool to use throughout your time in middle school and high school.   In fact, you will find the knowledge and skill you gain in this class to be extremely useful for the rest of your life!


Applications you will be learning during the course of this class:

    First Semester                                        Second Semester



No supplies or materials will be needed for this class and all textbooks will remain in the classroom unless special arrangements are made with the teacher.  All students must have on file a signed Computer and Internet Usage form.  Please read your document and be certain that you know the rules for using the computers in this school.  This is most important because abuse of the computers or failure to comply with the rules can resort in the student losing his/her ability to use the computers (even for classroom use) while he/she is a student in Poteau Schools.

I look forward to "getting to know you."   Learning can be most enjoyable.   I hope this will be a pleasant experience for all of us.

Babs Clark